"Leverage and Reasoning On Piano Wire"

38x50 Mixed Media on Paper

My paintings are as much about what I have left in them as they are about what I have taken away. Drawings are layered one on top of each other. Every time a new drawing is introduced to the surface it changes the landscape of the entire piece. Surfaces are then erased and recovered and color is added; not trying to define or describe the original subjects, but rather un-describe them, shifting and pushing them as far as I can. In doing this new images, shapes and structures are brought to the surface. The images that come to the surface comes from my memories, my subconscious or influences outside the original content of the painting. A puzzle with infinite and changing pieces and solutions.

Each piece explores what is intimate, what is on display --what cherished, what abandoned. Within pieces, each image unfurls then curls up with itself, folding and unfolding at the same time. And all this of a highly personal nature --what secrets are here are not confidential, but exposed. The spectator is given glimpses around corners, but it’s the corners that are in motion. You are motionless, held in place, a place safe, but inescapable. Shifting and being all at the same time.


Amy Hutcheson

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