Shifting and Being was when I first started to embrace the idea of creating my own playground on the canvas. This body of work stretches over 4 years. I devised that I need my abstraction to come form something tangible something real before could transcend into something beyond the real. I needed to build my vocabulary of "stuff"..marks, lines objects and memories that could draw from later with out tangible reference. So I started looking at Georges Braque's still life structures. The paintings as well as the actually still life structures he painted from.  I was hooked and started to build large scale still life structures in my studio from things I found in my everyday life that I had some find of relationship with...a wine bottle from date night, a wheel from my bike and so much more. I have included a few images of the actual still life structures in the gallery. 

These pieces are all oil on canvas and available for sale where noted. I hope you enjoy them.

Amy Hutcheson

Still Life In the Studio