Luca Brasi

I am preparing for several shows coming up in the next year. I decide to utilize my blog to show the progress of the work and discuss the process not only of painting and creating work but balancing life as well. I think getting through this life is like working through a painting. So many twist and turns and it can be messy and BEEEAUTIFUL all at the same time. I won't promise a scheduled update of work but I will do my best to pop in every couple weeks and share my work, thoughts and experiences. 

I finished this piece last night. Luca Brasi Dreams of Picses…I love having fun with the titles. they are sometime sarcastic, sometimes political and mostly overtly obvious if you put your thinking cap on. I ma preparing work for my February show and can see 10 4ft by 4ft painting that challenge the viewer to discern the foreground from the background…as always I want YOU to draw the conclusion I am just planting the seed.