Diving Deeper


Bookmarking my work with years has always been a challenge for me as I have always felt my work was a continually flowing and evolving from one piece to the next. This work is the beginning of opening up the space and giving it the structure more room to breath and the viewer more opportunities to get lost in the exploration of layer descending into layer and then resurfacing. It also is shows varying sizes of work as a challenge to me to make both a large space as equally interesting as a smaller space.

I get asked a lot about my titles. My titles are a combination of what I experience (music, audio books, readings, breaking news etc.) combined with a sardonic twist to ask the viewer to allow the title to define the piece but rather allow it to be a point of jumping off and diving into each piece to draw your own conclusions.

I hope you enjoy this work. All work is available for purchase

Amy Hutcheson

The One of Unrequited Exposure (or Influencers pay Double)